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5 Safety Tips for Using Home Remedies

even low-toxin, natural treatments can be dangerous if you don’t practice good safety techniques while using them. To use home remedies effectively, without putting you or your family in danger, make sure you are following these five safety tips.


Impress the Press: The Right Way to Respond to HARO Queries

But just because you reply to a HARO query doesn't mean you'll end up in the press. Dozens of potential sources reply to every digest, which means it takes something special to stand out.

So how can you successfully pitch your business through HARO?

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5 Types of Illness Caused by the Internet

The internet has changed how we socialize, work, travel, and learn—and it is also changing our health. The prevalence of internet use and mobile technology has led to the rise of new illnesses that did not exist twenty years ago.


3 Ways to Create a Healthier Workplace for Your Employees

Taking care of your employees' health costs you time and money. But creating and promoting a healthy workplace could save you far more than it costs by improving efficiency, increasing outputs, decreasing turnover and reducing absenteeism.

Invest article

Where Should I Put My Money? | Katharine Writes

As a business owner, when it it worth paying for help — and when can you afford to save a little?

Website article
YFS Magazine

5 Simple Things Every Successful Website Has In Common — YFS Magazine

From new clients and potential investors to press inquiries, your online hub is the best place to start impressing the world.

So why do so many entrepreneurs neglect their websites?

Loss article

Conceiving After Pregnancy Loss | Your Care Everywhere

Trying to conceive soon after pregnancy loss increases live birth chances.

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6 Natural Treatments for Rosacea

there is good news for those suffering from rosacea: your condition can be managed with a combination of natural treatments.

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10 Best Anti-Aging Oils for Younger Looking Skin | Top 10 Home ...

If you want to stay away from chemicals and Botox, you can still keep your skin looking youthful and bright by using natural oils. These oils work with your body to deliver moisture, vitamins, and essential fatty acids that help your skin look smoother, firmer, and younger.

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11 Natural Remedies for Hot Flashes

For years, medical professionals automatically recommended hormone replacement therapy (HRT) as the best treatment for frequent, severe hot flashes. But as further research indicates dangerous long-term effects of HRT, more doctors are beginning to suggest lifestyle changes and natural treatments as a way of managing hot flashes and other hormonal symptoms.

Reputation article
Small Biz Club

Polish Your Online Reputation Before You Launch Your Business | SmallBizClub

While you can’t recreate a perfectly spotless online life, there are steps you can take to improve your online image and give your business the time it needs in the spotlight.

Wedding article

Should You Have a Destination Wedding? | Trazee Travel

If you’re unsure whether or not a destination wedding is the right choice for you, ask yourself these four questions.

Blog article

How to Blog So Customers Fall in Love With Your Small Business | Katharine Writes

A good date makes you seem interesting, relatable, intriguing, friendly, and put-together. A good blog should do the same thing for your business. Here's how...

Gluten article


If you are one of the millions of people with a gluten allergy or sensitivity, planning a trip can be daunting. How will you find something to eat? Can you travel to foreign countries?

Wine article

Allergies to Wine | YourCareEverywhere

Experts aren’t sure what causes wine allergies, but the symptoms can range from irritating to life-threatening.